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BitGreen | Bitcoin green

BitGreen (BITG) is built on ‘The Green Protocol,’ which uses energy-efficient proof-of-stake to create the first green blockchain. BitGreen can be mined by all holders on any computer or laptop without specialized equipment. The BitGreen Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on reducing energy-consumption worldwide. The BitGreen Foundation aims to shed light on a number of […]
by SERIAS FINTECH / 18 February 2020

Sono Motors | driven by the sun

The innovative and owner-led automotive company Sono Motors was founded in 2016 based on the vision of a sustainable mobility concept independent of fossil fuels. The company now boasts an experienced team of engineers, designers, technicians, and industry experts who are developing and building a forward-looking electric car which is suitable for daily use, with […]
by SERIAS FINTECH / 1 April 2019

JSECoin | simplifying cryptocurrency, commerce, mining and user adoption

JSECoin, future-oriented mining. Building the future of Blockchain on the web. Simplifying Cryptocurrency, Commerce, Mining and User Adoption – through a browser.   ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADITIONAL CRYPTOCURRENCIES USE MORE POWER THAN SMALL COUNTRIES TO OPERATE THEIR NETWORKS Every other industry across the globe is moving towards greener solutions that mitigate the risk of […]
by admin / 2 August 2018

SERIAS FINTECH | crypto mining farm

SERIAS FINTECH has built up the mining know-how in a very short time and put into operation its own mining farm, which is being continuously expanded. The Crypto Farm runs both GPU and ASIC Miner based on state-of-the-art Linux mining operating system and energy-saving components. The best of the Crypto Farm is that the electrical […]
by admin / 12 January 2018