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Thyngs | evolving physical marketing

Thyngs use safe, touch-free technologies like  Near Field Communication (NFC) and Apple Pay in every smartphone to connect consumers to mobile-optimised commerce experiences. Website: SERIAS FINTECH supports the project and holds shares in Thyngs Ltd.
by SERIAS FINTECH / 29 September 2020

BAANX | a API driven Fintech platform provider

EXCHANGE & CL-CARD Integrated into multiple key exchanges, enabling you to buy and sell crypto and fiat at the best live price. Free Crypto Sending Credit Card Website: SERIAS FINTECH supports the startup as Investor and holds shares in Ltd. Furthermore SERIAS FINTECH holds Baanx Token (BXX)
by SERIAS FINTECH / 31 August 2020

PayRue | one Platform, global services

PayRue DEX is web based decentralised exchange on Ethereum. It offers and safe and secure way to trade cryptocurrencies with decentralised trading wallet and central order book. Website: SERIAS FINTECH supports the project as Investor and holds shares in PayRue Limited
by SERIAS FINTECH / 21 May 2020

2020: SERIAS FINTECH Consortium

The year 2020 is now three months old and has already brought about global economic changes that were almost unimaginable. Not an easy time for SERIAS FINTECH either. For this reason, the company SERIAS FINTECH is integrated into the new consortium “SERIAS FINTECH Consortium”. The new consortium is based in Falzes (autonomous region “Trentino-South Tyrol” […]
by SERIAS FINTECH / 30 March 2020

EU-Startups | connect the european startup scene is the leading online publication with a focus on startups in Europe. The website was founded in October of 2010. Vision/Mission: Our vision is to connect the European startup scene and to encourage entrepreneurship within Europe. Website: SERIAS FINTECH supports the project EU-Startups / Menlo Media S.L. as Investor and holds now shares […]
by SERIAS FINTECH / 24 January 2020

Young Platform | crypto made easy

First Product: Step Drop Stepdrop – step by step into the Crypto World. Stepdrop pays you back for every step of the day.Convert your steps into Young and create your investment portfolio while staying fit.App Store an Play Store: Second Product: Exchange Website: SERIAS FINTECH supports the Young Agency S.r.l. / Young Platform Ltd. as Investor and holds […]
by SERIAS FINTECH / 4 November 2019

TransferGo | sending money as convenient as possible

TransferGo is an international cheap money transfer company for migrant workers who want to send money back to their families without paying excessive bank fees. It was founded in 2012 and has offices in Lithuania and London, UK. Using the innovative system of TransferGo, migrants can transfer money abroad using a digital account-to-account business model, […]
by SERIAS FINTECH / 5 August 2019 |cryptocurrency simplified. under your control.

Securing digital assets doesn’t have to be difficultBuy, store, trade, dozens of cryptocurrencies. One app. IOS. Android. Managing multiple wallets for multiple assets is hard. Add in complicated backups like long pass phrases, lengthy strings of random letters and numbers, and you’ve got serious usability challenges. Not anymore. Hold all of your assets in one […]
by SERIAS FINTECH / 5 June 2019

Sono Motors | driven by the sun

The innovative and owner-led automotive company Sono Motors was founded in 2016 based on the vision of a sustainable mobility concept independent of fossil fuels. The company now boasts an experienced team of engineers, designers, technicians, and industry experts who are developing and building a forward-looking electric car which is suitable for daily use, with […]
by SERIAS FINTECH / 1 April 2019 | the future of social media, the future of Social Media. sharing the future plans with friends, buy event tickets, or get paid to sharing messages Website: SERIAS FINTECH supports Timeburst, LLC as Investor and holds Timeburst shares.
by admin / 1 January 2019