Dive S.r.l. | “reaDy to InVEst”

Firenze, Italy: DIVE is a “Capacities Center” in charge for the activation of Targeted Technology Transfer Processes to transform Research Results into Innovative Products and Services.

Project, managerial, organizational and financial resources for launching the industrialization process.
Development of national and international markets, Europe, Middle and Far East, Americas, Africa.

About Dive:
DIVE is a Center of Management and Scientific competencies whose main mission is to develop ideas, already validated in their R&D process.

DIVE intervenes in the evaluation and selection of innovation, in the development of the industrial project, in the configuration and research of financial resources, with even direct participation in equity, transforming ideas into Business Units and subsequently into autonomous Ventures.

DIVE delivers project, managerial and organizational resources by launching the industrialization (when needed) and the commercialization process.

DIVE is “attracted” to ideas with a high level of innovation with a Time To Market typically less than eighteen months. The engineering process of the manufacturing and marketing phases is more recognizable and adjustable with greater precision.

DIVE manages, with its internal strategic skills, the process that starts from the scientific and technical-technological innovation assessment, to the development of process engineering and entry into desired markets.

Website: http://www.divegroup.it

SERIAS FINTECH supports Dive S.r.l. as Investor and holds now Dive shares.